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Public Papers - 1989 - September

Statement on Food and Commodity Assistance to Poland


I am pleased to announce today that the United States will offer to provide additional food and commodity aid to the Polish people. Subject to consultations with the Polish Government, we are prepared to offer an additional million in assistance in FY 90. This amount would be in addition to the million already announced on August 1st. Together with the .4 million in emergency food aid in FY 89, this new aid brings to 8.4 million the total of U.S. food/commodity assistance. Our effort works in tandem with the 0 million of agricultural aid pledged by the EC as part of the coordinated effort called for by the United States at the recent Paris economic summit. We expect to offer quantities of meat, corn, butter, butter oil, cotton seed/sunflower oil, cotton, rice, and/or other commodities.

It is intended that the food aid will support long-term reform of the Polish agricultural system by providing much needed commodities during a transitional period toward a market economy. The food shortages and extremely high prices in Poland in recent weeks have placed a heavy burden on the Polish people. We expect that shipments of the new assistance will arrive in time for the difficult winter months.

This new assistance is one element of our continuing effort, working with our allies and others, to support the process of change that is underway in Poland. It underscores our continuing commitment to assist the Polish Government and people in their efforts to introduce market principles and to build a private sector that will enable Poland to invigorate its economy.

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