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Public Papers - 1989 - February

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the President's Trip to China


The President and Mrs. Bush were delighted by the warm reception in China. The entire range of Chinese leadership met with the President, showing their respect for him personally and for the United States. The luncheon hosted by Chairman Deng Xiaoping and the President's live appearance on Chinese national television were both quite unusual and underscored the Chinese appreciation for the trip.

The President feels the visit was successful in several ways. Both countries underscored their desire to move forward on bilateral issues, noting our bilateral trade level up from - 14 billion, more Chinese students in the United States, a developing military relationship, and a large and growing science and technology relationship. The President expects both countries to move forward in all of these areas.

There are problems on both sides, of course. They are concerned about Taiwan and what they consider to be excessive United States export controls. In addition, we hope for more progress in human rights.

The President felt the talks on international issues went very well, especially the discussions on Cambodia. Both China and the United States agreed the liberalization of China's investment regulations is desirable, and the Chinese are pursuing this approach. The Chinese said they had completed a patent law and are working on a new copyright law, both of which are necessary to protect intellectual property rights.

The President and Mrs. Bush also shared a personal excitement about the private aspects of the trip. They were especially moved by the Sunday morning church service, the warmth of the Chinese people, and the many changes that have been made in Chinese society in recent years.

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