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Public Papers - 1989

Remarks on Presenting the ``E'' Award to the Illinois Export Council in Chicago


Thank you, Governor. I know that some of you all here have been actively involved in this whole field of exports. And this ``E'' Award for excellence in export service is being given to your Export Council, the State's promotion agency.

We are committed in the administration to strengthening our trade, eliminating that imbalance; and that means, of course, strengthening our own competitiveness. The national economic power depends on our ability to compete effectively in world markets. And you are a leader -- this State, under Governor Thompson -- a leader in developing an export-based economic strategy. And this Illinois Export Council really has been in the forefront of developing the State's entire effort.

Your council established the World Trade Center in Chicago; conducted trade missions and trade seminars, export counseling, overseas visitors program, and export internship program. And to recognize these achievements, I am honored to present the ``E'' Award for excellence in export service.

I'm sorry that the Lieutenant Governor's not here because he's had a keen interest in all of this. And I think the answer is he got fogged in. But he's chairman of the council, and I want to pay my respects to George Ryan, as well as, of course, to Governor Thompson and all of those of you here who've done the work.

With this award comes the ``E'' pennant that is quite well-known around the country. I hope that you'll display it with pride. And your contribution has been recognized and appreciated. Thank you all very much for taking the time for this symbolic ceremony, and I hope other States do as well as you have in the future. It would be a great thing for our international competitiveness. Congratulations, Jim.

Note: The President spoke at 10:48 a.m. in Ballroom B at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. In his remarks, he referred to Gov. James R. Thompson and Lt. Gov. George Ryan of Illinois. Following his remarks, the President returned to Washington, DC.

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