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Public Papers - 1989

White House Statement on the President's Meeting With Foreign Minister Sa`ud al-Faysal Al Sa`ud of Saudi Arabia


The President met today with Prince Sa`ud al-Faysal, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, to discuss the efforts of the Arab League to resolve the Lebanon crisis. The President welcomed the collective efforts of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Algeria and expressed U.S. support for their mandate to pursue urgently a political process in Lebanon leading to elections, reforms, and a new national consensus. The President pledged the commitment of the United States to do all it can to promote a political solution that would bring Lebanon's turmoil to an end.

The United States encourages the Arab League's efforts to foster a political dialog among the Lebanese. Such a dialog, in the context of a cease-fire, is the necessary first step toward a solution of Lebanon's suffering, which has gone on too long. The President reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to Lebanon's unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, with the withdrawal of all foreign forces and the disbandment of the militias.

The President said that the United States believes that all parties to the conflict in Lebanon must show restraint and flexibility at this crucial point. All concerned must do their part to promote a genuine political process, devoid of threats and coercion. Outside interests must not add to Lebanon's misery.

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