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Public Papers - 1992

Remarks on Departure from Lima, Ohio


I understand that Bruce Willis had a few words to you. But let me tell you something. I think this country likes a fighter. I think this country likes somebody who does not let the national media, nor certainly Clinton and Gore get him down, and is going to fight right on and win this election.

I can tell you this. I was just on a television show, and I can repeat here what I said then -- I am absolutely convinced because of this kind of turnout of public support, because of what we tried to do in terms of bringing world peace, because of the movement now in this economy where clearly Gore is wrong, Clinton is wrong when they say we're in a recession -- yesterday we saw that this economy is growing, and now we've got to keep it growing until every American that is hurting has a better opportunity.

So I am very grateful to you. For you who might be first-time voters, do not take anything for granted. Go to the polls. Get your friends to vote. It is a privilege. It is an American privilege to vote, and you ought to do that. So be sure to get to the polls.

We only have a handful of days left. I was telling Jim Baker in the car, I can hardly believe it, that we've only got 6 days. But things are moving nationally, good news in the national polls today. We're going to show these critics and these naysayers and these people of voices of gloom and doom that we are going to win because I have confidence in America, because our economic program is right, because the world is indeed more peaceful. I'm going to ask for your support and your trust, based on character, because I believe we have the best economic answers to lead this country and the entire world to new prosperity.

Thank you, and may God bless you all. May God bless each and every one of you on this beautiful day in Ohio.

Note: The President spoke at 9:14 a.m. at Allen County Airport. In his remarks, he referred to actor Bruce Willis.

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