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Public Papers - 1992 - October

Letter to Congressional Leaders on the Partial Suspension of the Davis-Bacon Act


Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)

I hereby report that I have exercised my statutory authority under section 6 of the Davis-Bacon Act, 40 U.S.C. 276a - 5, to suspend the provisions of sections 276a to 276a - 5 of the Davis-Bacon Act in the event of a national emergency. I have found that the conditions caused by Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki constitute a ``national emergency'' within the meaning of section 6. I have, therefore, suspended the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act in designated areas in the States of Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii.

This action is more fully set out in the enclosed proclamation that I have issued today.


George Bush

Note: Identical letters were sent to Thomas S. Foley, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Dan Quayle, President of the Senate. The proclamation is listed in Appendix E at the end of this volume.

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