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Public Papers - 1992

Message on the Observance of Rosh Hashanah, 1992


I am pleased to offer greetings to American Jews and to Jewish men, women, and children in Israel and around the world as you observe the High Holy Days.

Beginning with the new year 5753 on Rosh Hashanah, Jews everywhere engage in 10 days of solemn self-reflection and prayer in preparation for Yom Kippur. As you conclude this period of repentance with the Day of Atonement -- a day dedicated to forgiveness and renewal -- you will affirm your belief in the mercy and justice of our Creator, while at the same time setting inspiring examples of charity and brotherhood.

In their emphasis on reconciliation and renewal, these observances have special significance not only for Jews but also for peoples around the globe who have benefitted from the rich cultural and religious traditions of Judaism. Here in the United States, centuries-old Judaic law and tradition helped to shape the fundamental moral vision on which our Nation was founded. With these High Holy days, that legacy continues to shape our society, as all of us can take inspiration from your acts of repentance, tolerance, and forgiveness.

This year, the High Holy Days are also marked by a special sense of hope, as the people of the Diaspora welcome improved prospects for peace among Israel and her Arab neighbors. For the first time, the peoples of the Middle East are engaged in direct negotiations that are aimed at achieving a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace. On this occasion, Americans of every race and creed join with you in praying for greater understanding and cooperation among all nations.

Barbara joins me in wishing you L'Shanah Tova -- may you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year.

George Bush

Note: This message was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on September 25.

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