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Public Papers - 1992 - July

White House Fact Sheet: The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program


Today the President commended Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson for his efforts in developing a statewide youth apprenticeship program. The Wisconsin youth apprenticeship program, undertaken in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, which provided 0,000 in seed money to the State, will provide an integrated statewide approach to the education and job training needs of students throughout the State.

The Problem

Upwards of one-fifth of American students drop out of high school. Most experience difficulty in securing permanent employment. Few have the skills that will enable them to succeed in today's work force. The rapid pace of technical innovation demands not only higher skills but also higher levels of educational achievement.

Many of those students who drop out view high school as primarily preparation for college. They do not consider high school relevant to what they intend to do in the future. Apprenticeship programs, which in many countries serve as a bridge between school and work, are not generally available as an option to U.S. high school students.

The President's Proposal

The President's proposed ``Youth Apprenticeship Act of 1992,'' submitted to Congress on May 13, 1992, would facilitate developing youth apprenticeship programs. The Federal role includes program certification and seed money. A description of this proposed legislation is outlined in an April 14, 1992, White House fact sheet.

In response to the President's directive to Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin to work with States to encourage apprenticeship initiatives, youth apprenticeship research and demonstration projects have been initiated in six States including Wisconsin.

Note: The fact sheet issued by the Office of the Press Secretary also contained a detailed description of the Wisconsin program.

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