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Public Papers - 1992 - May

Exchange With Reporters Prior to a Meeting With State and Local Officials in Los Angeles


Q. Sir, why do you think you're running third in recent California polls?

The President. Hey, John [John Cochran, NBC News], we're not taking any questions today.

Q. No?

The President. This is a nonpolitical visit. I've heard some very encouraging news about Federal cooperation and working with the State, localities, private sector. And I'm out here to try to follow up on a visit to see if we can be of further help to the people in this area. So, I prefer to keep it on that basis and thus will not be able to help you, as I wasn't able to help you yesterday -- [laughter] -- different setting. Thank you very much.

Q. -- -- about politics, sir? When are you going to start defining the -- --

The President. After our convention, I think we'll start working on that.

Q. After the convention?

Q. Are you deliberately waiting, sir?

The President. I'm not going to take any questions. You didn't hear what I said in the beginning. I want to find out from these people how the effort is going, Federal, State, local, to help people that have been hurt. And that's what this is about. And if I get diverted talking about these other subjects, it isn't going to help anybody. So, let's try to keep it on that basis. Thank you very much.

Q. Do you think the drive for the urban agenda is losing steam in Congress, though?

Q. Mr. President, are you optimistic about Mr. Ueberroth's Rebuild L.A.? Are you optimistic about what he -- --

The President. Anything he tackles, he can get done. That's the way I look at it.

Note: The exchange began at 11:08 a.m. in the Grecian Room at the Biltmore Hotel. In his remarks, the President referred to Peter Ueberroth, chairman of the Rebuild L.A. Committee.

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