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Public Papers - 1992

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the President's Meeting With King Hussein of Jordan


The President and King Hussein met for approximately one hour in the Oval Office. Also attending the meeting were Secretary Baker, General Scowcroft, and Jordanian Prime Minister Bin Shakir. Following the meeting, the President and the King, and their respective staffs, had a working lunch in the Residence.

There was considerable discussion of the peace process. The President stressed the importance of all parties continuing to participate in the Madrid process. The two agreed to continue to consult closely, both about ways to solve remaining procedural issues affecting both the bilateral and multilateral talks and on how best to advance the peace process more generally.

On the question of Iraq, the two leaders agreed on the importance of full Iraqi compliance with all Security Council resolutions. King Hussein said that Jordan would continue to do its part. President Bush and King Hussein also agreed that the United States and Jordan would continue to consult closely on questions relating to Iraq and the Gulf war aftermath.

King Hussein also raised the matter of Jordan's economic situation, which has been made more difficult by the more than 300,000 men, women, and children who have entered Jordan from the Gulf. The President told the King that the United States would continue to do what it could to help Jordan, both directly and via international financial institutions.

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