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Public Papers - 1992

Message to the Congress on the Determination Not To Prohibit Fish Imports From Certain Countries


To the Congress of the United States:

Pursuant to the provisions of subsection (b) of the Pelly Amendment to the Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967, as amended (22 U.S.C. 1978(b)), I am reporting to you that the Secretary of Commerce reported to me that shipments of yellowfin tuna or products derived from yellowfin tuna harvested by Venezuela in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean (ETP) have been prohibited from the countries of Costa Rica, France, and Italy since June 25, 1991.

The Secretary's letter to me is deemed to be a certification for the purposes of subsection (a) of the Pelly Amendment. Subsection (a) requires that I consider and, at my discretion, order the prohibition of imports into the United States of fish and fish products from Costa Rica, France, and Italy to the extent that such prohibition is consistent with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Subsection (b) requires me to report to the Congress within 60 days following certification on the actions taken pursuant to the certification; if all fish imports have not been prohibited, the report must state the reasons for so doing.

After thorough review, I have determined that sanctions against Costa Rica, France, and Italy will not be imposed at this time while we continue to work toward an international dolphin conservation program in the ETP. Costa Rica, France, and Italy will continue to be certified. I will make further reports to you as developments warrant.

George Bush

The White House,

March 3, 1992.

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