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Public Papers - 1992

Exchange With Reporters Prior to Discussions With President Cesar Gaviria of Colombia in San Antonio


[A question was asked and answered in Spanish.]

Q. How about you, sir? Do you have anything to -- --

The President. Yes.

Q. Same thing?

The President. Yes, now that I understand what he is saying.

Q. You're improving your Spanish. [Laughter]

The President. I've got Stephanie over here. [Laughter] No, but I agree that it's positive, it will be positive. I will say this to the journalists from Colombia who are here: The respect that we have for what this President is doing and has already done is very, very high. And this is a multilateral meeting; we're meeting with other countries as well, building on the Cartagena summit, which was the first one. But I'm confident that we will come out with more determination to do better on the demand side, which is largely a United States problem, and to redouble our efforts for coordination on the supply side, drawing largely on the experience and the success of this President that's sitting next to me.

And so, we can't take any more questions because we only have a few minutes to talk here. We're glad you guys are here.

Note: The exchange began at 3:40 p.m. at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. In his remarks, the President referred to Stephanie Van Reigersberg, Director of Language Services.

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