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Public Papers - 1992

Exchange With Reporters Prior to Discussions With President Alberto Kenyo Fujimori of Peru in San Antonio, Texas


Drug Summit

Q. Mr. President, what do you hope to accomplish at the drug summit, sir?

President Bush. Well, I think we've already -- we're going to build on the first meeting, the Cartagena meeting, and we're going to get maximum cooperation. We're going to redouble our efforts on the demand side and on the supply side. So, it's the big picture with very able leaders from south of our border that continue to address themselves to this problem. And there's been marvelous cooperation between the countries.

Q. The Ecuadorean President said today that his country needs more U.S. dollars. What's your response to him, sir?

President Bush. Well, I'll be discussing it with him when I see him.

Q. President Fujimori, will cutbacks in U.S. aid hamper your drug-fighting efforts?

President Fujimori. From the supply side, we can, we think we can do a lot on this side, but also we need the better comprehension and coordination.

President Bush. And that's all the things we'll be talking about.

Q. Do you need more U.S. money?

President Fujimori. Also. [Laughter]

President Bush. Everybody does, including us.

President Fujimori. That's the answer they want? [Laughter]

Q. President Bush, do you believe this summit is going to be of any value?

President Bush. I think there's a lot of value. I think the first one was -- President Fujimori was not at it, but I believe that it set the ground rules, it set some objectives. I think this one will do the same thing. We have a broader number of countries here; cooperation is good. And we've got to talk about how we can do more on the supply and certainly on the demand side, something that we in the United States are very concerned about also.

So, I view this as a very special opportunity to meet with leaders, men who are doing a good job in their countries and who are determined to whip this narcotics threat just as we are. So I'm looking forward to it.

Note: The exchange began at 3 p.m. at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. A tape was not available for verification of the content of this exchange.

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