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Public Papers - 1992 - February

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the Export Enhancement Program


The President met on February 10 with his key advisers to review the U.S. Export Enhancement Program (EEP). Secretaries Brady and Madigan, Richard Darman, Chief of Staff Samuel Skinner, Michael Boskin, General Scowcroft, Roger Porter, Michael Moskow, Robert Zoellick, and Timothy Deal participated in the meeting.

EEP was established in 1985 to help U.S. agricultural producers meet subsidized competition in foreign markets.

The group reviewed the existing criteria for approval of EEP sales with particular reference to several outstanding applications from potential foreign purchasers. There was general agreement that in considering whether to approve specific EEP proposals U.S. agencies must weigh the nature of the competition in the foreign market (i.e. subsidized v. nonsubsidized competition), U.S. historic presence in the market, and the budgetary impact of such sales.

U.S. agencies will apply these and other criteria in deciding on the merits of existing and future EEP proposals.

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