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Public Papers - 1991

Exchange with Reporters in the Cabinet Room


The President. Listen, this meeting is on our drug strategy, and I'm very grateful to so many, members of the Cabinet and other leaders who are here today. I have great confidence in the work that Bob is involved in. And, indeed, there is some very good news on the drug front. That doesn't mean we've won the battle by a long shot, but I'm sure he'll be reporting to us in just a minute on the problems that remain and on the progress that's been made.

This has got to be, as we turn the corner, remain as one of our key priorities. And when you talk to some that he's enlisted in the private sector, I'm encouraged. I mean, I've talked to quite a few of them, Jim Burke and many others, and they are very, very positive as to how we're doing here. When I look at the international situation that Bob's been engaged in, in the interdiction, working with Justice and many others, Don Atwood's department, why, there's reason to be optimistic there.

So, it's a good message, but we've got to do better, and we've got to continue to fight. So thank you all very much. And now -- --

Q. Mr. President, can I just ask you to follow up on something you said in the other session?

The President. No, we've got to get going, honestly. We really do. We've been in there, interrupted, you know, when we did a meeting, that I deviated from the rules. So thanks.

Q. Could you just explain -- I mean, why are you satisfied with assurances that there's no nuclear threat because of the Soviet -- --

The President. We will explain all that in time. I can't do it at a photo opportunity. It's very complicated.

Q. Are you satisfied there's no problem?

The President. I can certify to the American people that the assurances we've been given are very positive. And we are continuing to stay engaged in it. So, please let us have this time. I only have a little bit, limited -- --

Note: The exchange began at 10:03 a.m. prior to a meeting with the Domestic Policy Council. In his remarks, the President referred to Bob Martinez, Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy; Deputy Secretary of Defense Donald J. Atwood, Jr.; and Jim Burke, Chairman of the President's Drug Advisory Council. A tape was not available for verification of the content of this exchange.

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