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Public Papers - 1991 - November

Statement Announcing Joint Declarations on the Libyan Indictments


Statement of the Government of the United States Regarding the Bombing of Pan Am 103

After the indictments were handed down on November 14 we conveyed them to the Libyan regime. We have also consulted closely with the governments of France and the United Kingdom and in concert with those two governments we have the following two declarations to present publicly today.

Joint Declaration of the United States and United Kingdom

The British and American governments today declare that the Government of Libya must:

-- surrender for trial all those charged with the crime; and accept responsibility for the actions of Libyan officials;

-- disclose all it knows of this crime, including the names of all those responsible, and allow full access to all witnesses, documents and other material evidence, including all the remaining timers;

-- pay appropriate compensation.

We expect Libya to comply promptly and in full.

Declaration of the United States, France, and the United Kingdom on Terrorism

The three states reaffirm their complete condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and denounce any complicity of states in terrorist acts. The three states reaffirm their commitment to put an end to terrorism.

They consider that the responsibility of states begins whenever they take part directly in terrorist actions or indirectly through harboring, training, providing facilities, arming, or providing financial support or any form of protection, and that they are responsible for their actions before individual states and the United Nations.

In this connection, following the investigations carried out into the bombings of Pan Am 103 and UTA 772, the three states have presented specific demands to Libyan authorities related to the judicial procedures that are underway. They require that Libya comply with all these demands, and, in addition, that Libya commit itself concretely and definitively to cease all forms of terrorist action and all assistance to terrorist groups. Libya must promptly, by concrete actions, prove its renunciation of terrorism.

Note: The Office of the Press Secretary released the text of the joint declarations on November 27.

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