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Public Papers - 1991 - September

Remarks at a Luncheon for Participants in the Daily Points of Light Celebration in Orlando, Florida


The President. Thank you all very much. I will repeat: This has been one of the most remarkable days of my Presidency. I again want to express my appreciation to Michael Eisner, to all the people at Disney, to this outstanding board of directors that this foundation has. You saw them introduced earlier. And for these busy, successful people to be giving of themselves in this matter I think is an inspiration to all of us.

I want to thank Bill Frederick and Dick Nunis and others in this city who have committed themselves to making Orlando the first city of light, and I particularly admire the spirit in which this commitment has been made. All people -- businesses, groups and institutions in this city, as we've just heard, will be equal participants in this effort.

Orlando has stepped right into the forefront now of the Points of Light movement. And I am confident that the leaders in cities and towns across the United States will be able to learn from this, from your experience and from your inspiration. That there is such interest in this movement as a means of transforming communities is a tribute to the Daily Points of Light who are gathered here today, and you do make us believe that someday we'll see Communities of Light spread across the United States.

Now, my role is to introduce the next speaker. My notes say, ``A remarkable lady whose warmth and concern have made a difference in so many lives.'' I'm not objective. I'm not an objective judge on this one. A lot of you all are familiar with the work that she's done since we moved into the White House. But in a quiet way, long before this organization started, she has been a very special Point of Light for many, many years. And so it gives me great pleasure to introduce to all of you someone you know, Barbara Bush.

[At this point, Mrs. Bush addressed the Points of Light participants.]

Note: The President spoke at a luncheon at 12:50 p.m. in the Grand Harbor Ballroom in the Yacht and Beach Club Resort at Walt Disney World. In his remarks, he referred to Michael Eisner, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Walt Disney World Company; Bill Frederick, mayor of Orlando; and Dick Nunis, president of Walt Disney World Company. Following the luncheon, the President departed for Miami.

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