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Public Papers - 1991 - May

Message on the Observance of Police Week and Police Officers' Memorial Day


I am pleased to join with all those observing Police Week and Police Officers' Memorial Day.

Every day of the year, law enforcement officers work hard to protect the lives and the property of others, and all Americans owe a lasting debt of gratitude to these selfless individuals. Whether patrolling our streets and our highways or maintaining order at crowded public events, whether investigating possible criminal activity or responding to sudden calls for help, America's police men and women uphold the public trust.

As Police Officers' Memorial Day reminds us, the work of law enforcement officials often entails great personal risks and sacrifices. Each day our Nation's police officers stand on the front lines in the war against crime, a war that has been made all the more dangerous in many areas by the proliferation of drugs. On this occasion, we remember with solemn pride and with heartfelt appreciation all those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Of course, we should also honor the loved ones of those who choose law enforcement as a career. These families provide the support that is necessary for officers to function day after day, and it is they who most deeply feel the loss when tragedy strikes.

On behalf of all Americans, I salute our Nation's police officers.

George Bush

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