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National Archives

Public Papers - 1990

Statement on Signing the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Reauthorization Act


I have today signed S. 2789, the ``National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Reauthorization Act.'' This Act authorizes appropriations for earthquake prevention and preparedness programs carried out by the Federal Government. It also modifies these programs in various respects.

In signing this Act I note that I will construe one section to avoid constitutional issues. Section 7 of the bill requires the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Advisory Committee, whose members are to be appointed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to provide policy recommendations to FEMA and other Executive branch entities concerned with earthquake disasters. Section 7 further requires the Advisory Committee to ``submit a written report directly to Congress, without review by the Office of Management and Budget or any other agency, . . . which shall describe any recommendations'' that the Advisory Committee has made. I shall interpret these provisions in light of my constitutional responsibility, as head of the unitary Executive branch, to supervise my subordinates as I deem appropriate.

George Bush

The White House,

November 16, 1990.

Note: S. 2789, approved November 16, was assigned Public Law No. 101 - 614.

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