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Public Papers - 1990 - November

Remarks to a Reception for Congressional Candidate Genevieve Atwood in Salt Lake City, Utah


Ms. Atwood. Hello, Mr. President.

The President. Genevieve, I'm glad it's a two-way connection. I thought maybe you'd just have to listen, which would be a hardship. [Laughter]

Ms. Atwood. Well, no, our relationship's a two-way street, Mr. President. I'm very supportive of everything you're doing.

The President. Barbara was just thrilled to be out there in Utah, and I just want to weigh in at the last minute. She's here with me in Houston, Texas, where we're going to be voting on Tuesday. But she loved being out there with you; and she came back with glowing reports of what you're doing, of your enthusiasm, and of the groundswell of support she felt for your campaign. So, she's asked me to pass along a message, and here's what she said: ``I need a new friend in Washington almost as much as Utah does. Elect Genevieve Atwood to the United States Congress.''

Ms. Atwood. That's a fabulous message. We believe in that.

The President. I expect you're for that. And the main thing is I have a wonderful feeling that the people of Utah are for that as well. But I understand that you have my friend the Governor with you there. If he is, please give Norm my very best, will you?

Ms. Atwood. He's right here. Say hi.

Governor Bangerter. I'll say it myself, Mr. President. It's delightful to hear from you, and we look forward to seeing you in Washington in February.

The President. Listen, it's nice talking to you, sir. And you know, just if you had a minute more, I want to make a couple of points on some of the issues.

I first would like to say how much I rely on both Senators Hatch and Garn; and of course, Hansen and Nielson, you know, doing a great job as well. Utah needs someone who's going to work with the delegation, not against it, for the good of State and for the good of America.

And in my view, Genevieve Atwood, with her experience as a scientist and former legislator and fourth-generation Utahn, she understands Utah's commitment to common sense and to the family values that I think are so essential in this country. And, Genevieve, I know you'll provide a strong and independent voice as Congresswoman. And believe me, in dealing with the Congress -- both of whose Houses are controlled by liberal Democrats -- is not the world's greatest assignment, and we get frustrated because we need more people like you there.

If you had time for just an example or two -- you know, on the anticrime legislation, I proposed tough new Federal laws. And I still feel that it is about time, in our legislation, that we show a little less sympathy for the criminals and a little more for the victims of crime. And incredibly, the liberal Democrats killed this legislation in a back room in the dead of the night. And I think if we had more people like you there, Genevieve, I believe we could get done in the Congress that which the people really want done.

So, anyway, here we go. And I would only say that not only on these issues, like education and the environment -- which is so precious to the people of Utah -- and anticrime legislation, we're still facing that tax-and-spend mentality of the liberal Democrats. And Genevieve is a strong supporter, I'm told, of the balanced-budget amendment and that Presidential line-item veto. My view is: If Congress can't do it, give the President a shot and let me try. And I believe we could make much more progress on this deficit without any tax increases by holding the line on spending.

So, good luck on Tuesday. I would say to those there: Please get out the vote. I know things look good in this race, but don't take anything for granted. We want to sound a call that would be heard from Temple Square to the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains to the banks of the Potomac. So, go get them. And, Genevieve, we're with you. On election night, we're right there with you, both Barbara and I, sending our love and our appreciation for a wonderful woman.

Ms. Atwood. Thank you for your wonderful support. Senator Hatch is here right next to me, and a bunch of folks. Why don't we give the President a cheer. Hooray!

The President. Hey, if I had known Orrin was there, I wouldn't have said such nice things about him. Orrin, if I had known you were there, I wouldn't have said such lovely things about you. [Laughter]

Senator Hatch. I understand, Mr. President.

The President. Listen, thanks for everything. You have been fantastic. And my best to Jake, too. And, Governor, my respects to you, sir. And now go out and get Genevieve in there.

Ms. Atwood. All right. Thank you, Mr. President.

The President. Over and out.

Note: The President spoke by telephone at 2:12 p.m. from Houston, TX. The reception was held in Ms. Atwood's home. In his remarks, the President referred to Senators Orrin Hatch and Jake Garn, and Representatives James V. Hansen and Howard C. Nielson. A tape was not available for verification of the content of these remarks.

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