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Public Papers - 1990

Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on the Anniversary of the Central American Peace Plan


August 7th commemorates a decisive anniversary in the history of Central America: the third anniversary of the signing in Guatemala City of Esquipulas II, the Central American peace plan. On this date 3 years ago, farsighted and courageous Central American leaders decided to forge a destiny of peace by constructing a framework for democracy. Enshrined as the central pillar of this agreement was the promise to ``make dialog prevail over violence and reason over rancor.''

Three years later, Central Americans can proudly claim progress. Fair and honest elections were held in Nicaragua, a coalition committed to the consolidation of democratic institutions has been elected, and the civil war has ended. President Chamorro [of Nicaragua] is courageously rebuilding her country. Although irregular forces still conduct campaigns of violence against democratically elected governments in El Salvador and Guatemala, a serious process of dialog has begun in both countries which we hope will lead to an end to the war and a strengthening of democracy.

We salute the work of Presidents Calderon [of Costa Rica], Callejas [of Honduras], Cerezo [of Guatemala], Chamorro, and Cristiani [of El Salvador] and the work of their predecessors. On this day, we join with them in recommitting the United States to work with them and all Central Americans for democracy, development, and peace in the spirit of Esquipulas.

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