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Public Papers - 1990 - March

Statement on the Seizure of Nuclear Weapon Component Shipments to Iraq


The arrest of Iraqis in London raises once again the administration's deep concern about the issue of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. Nuclear proliferation, along with the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons and intermediate range missiles, continues to pose serious threats to U.S. interests, as well as the interests of our friends in the region. These programs only serve to heighten regional tensions and exacerbate regional problems.

We again call upon nuclear suppliers to exercise special restraint in providing materials related to the development of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and intermediate range missiles in this volatile area. Furthermore, we urge all states in the area to adhere to the nonproliferation treaty. Iraq is a signatory of that treaty. Iraqi officials are well aware of our views on nuclear proliferation, which we have made clear on several occasions.

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