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Public Papers - 1990

Statement on the Election of Violeta Chamorro as President of Nicaragua


In this remarkable year of political change, democracy won another victory yesterday. I am most pleased that there has been a free and fair election in Nicaragua and that the results are being accepted by both sides.

I am sending messages to Mrs. Chamorro congratulating her on her victory and to President Ortega congratulating him on the conduct of the election and his stated willingness to abide by the results. The United States looks forward to working with Mrs. Chamorro's new government in support of her stated goals of national reconciliation and economic reconstruction, and with President Ortega in helping ensure a peaceful transition of power. I have talked this morning with Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez, and we agree completely on the need to help all parties in Nicaragua to achieve a peaceful reconciliation and transfer of power.

We also congratulate the international observer delegations whose activities, which took place at the request of the Sandinista government, helped ensure an open and safe electoral process. There were many, but I want to mention delegations led by former President Jimmy Carter and former Governor Dan Evans, the United Nations delegation led by former Secretary Elliot Richardson, and the OAS delegation led by Secretary General Baena Soares.

We hope that all sides in this hotly fought contest will extend the hand of reconciliation and cooperate together in rebuilding their country for the good of all Nicaraguans. There is space in a democratic Nicaragua for the expression of all political points of view. We also hope that the cease-fire will be reestablished immediately and respected by all sides. Given the election's clear mandate for peace and democracy, there is no reason at all for further military activity from any quarter.

We are confident the international community will strongly support the results of yesterday's elections and will join in the effort to help all Nicaraguans to rebuild their country.

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