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Public Papers - 1990

Remarks Prior to a Meeting With President Alfredo Cristiani Buckard of El Salvador


Reporter. President Cristiani, are you worried that Congress is going to cut your aid because of the human rights situation?

President Bush. The President is going to take some questions outside -- of course, we believe in free speech, so he can take them here, too -- but he is going to be available and take some questions outside.

And what I'd like to do is establish that this is what we call a modified photo opportunity -- modified only that I'd like to say that I know this man. I know of his commitment to democracy. I support him now. I will support him in the future. And the success of democracy in El Salvador is a very important thing to us, to this country. And I've been very impressed with the courage he has shown in going after those who have broken the law in his country. And that's been a shining example to all of us.

So, let there be no mistake about where I stand or where our administration stands in terms of support for President Cristiani and for the democracy in El Salvador, a democracy certified by the people not so long ago, when they had certifiably free elections.

He'll take some questions later on when we're going to have a little press gathering out there.

Welcome again.

Note: President Bush spoke at 2:02 p.m. in the Colonnade at the White House.

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