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Public Papers - 1989 - December

Message on the Observance of New Year's Day


I am delighted to send my warmest greetings to all Americans during the celebration of the New Year.

As we celebrate the promise of the new year, it is most fitting that we pause to reflect on all we have achieved as a nation during the past 12 months. Our economy has remained strong and it has continued to grow, creating new jobs and greater opportunities for millions of American families. The global triumph of democratic ideals, especially in Eastern Europe, and improvements in our relations with the Soviet Union have brightened the prospects for lasting world peace. We have also forged the partnerships that will serve as a strong foundation for our efforts to improve American education and to end the scourge of substance abuse.

This New Year also marks the beginning of a new decade. The 1990s hold many challenges and opportunities, both for the United States and for mankind. We are witnessing a global flowering of freedom. Along with this expansion of liberty has come renewed appreciation for the responsibilities it entails. Abroad, we vow continuing solidarity with our fellow democracies to ensure peace and security. We make this pledge with deep gratitude to the courageous men and women of our armed forces who selflessly sacrifice to defend freedom's cause. At home, more Americans are accepting the challenge to get involved in volunteer projects to assist the needy or in other ways to make a difference for good in their communities. They are also joining millions of people throughout the world in efforts to end poverty, violence, and hunger.

A year ago, President Reagan expressed his belief that the world was safer than it had been just 12 months before. He added, ``I pray it will be safer still a year from now.'' Well, I believe it is. Today, we join in that same prayer and add our heartfelt hopes for a future marked by peace and prosperity for all mankind.

Barbara joins me in sending our best wishes to the people of the United States for a happy New Year. May God bless you, and may God bless America.

George Bush

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