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Public Papers - 1989 - December

Statement on Signing the Arms Control and Disarmament Amendments Act of 1989


I have today signed H.R. 1495, the ``Arms Control and Disarmament Amendments Act of 1989.'' The Act authorizes appropriations for Fiscal Years 1990 and 1991 for arms control programs. I believe, however, that one section of H.R. 1495 must be carefully construed to avoid constitutional concerns.

Section 105(b) of the Act requires that the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency disseminate information pertaining to arms control verification and monitoring, including information regarding current, proposed, prospective, and potential arms treaties. It also requires that the Agency provide detailed information on such activities in its annual report to the Congress. I shall interpret the language of this Act so as not to detract from my constitutional authority to protect information relating to treaty negotiations or other sensitive national security information.

George Bush

The White House,

December 11, 1989.

Note: H.R. 1495, approved December 11, was assigned Public Law No. 101 - 216.

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