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Public Papers - 1989

Appointment of the Chairman and Members of the President's Drug Advisory Council


The President today announced the formation of the President's Drug Advisory Council.

The Council will assist the President and the Director of National Drug Control Policy, William Bennett, in the development and promotion of our national drug policy. The Council will complement Director Bennett's public sector efforts by communicating with the American people, encouraging private sector involvement, establishing a national support group, and soliciting the views of the American people.

The President today announced his intention to appoint the following individuals as the Chairman and members of the President's Drug Advisory Council:


William Moss, of Texas. Mr. Moss is president and chairman of the board of William Moss Corp.


Alvin L. Brooks, of Missouri. Mr. Brooks is director of the Kansas City Human Relations Department and executive director and founder of the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime.

Patricia Ann Burch, of Maryland. Mrs. Burch is a founding member of the National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth and the National Partnership to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

James E. Burke, of New Jersey. Mr. Burke is former chairman and chief executive officer of Johnson and Johnson and is chairman of its strategic planning committee.

Alvah H. Chapman, Jr., of Florida. Mr. Chapman is former chairman of the board of Knight-Ridder, Inc., and is director and chairman of its executive committee.

Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr., USN, Ret., of Virginia. Admiral Crowe is former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Lee I. Dogoloff, of Maryland. Mr. Dogoloff is executive director of the American Council for Drug Education.

Robert A. Georgine, of Maryland. Mr. Georgine is president of the building and construction trades department at the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

Elsie Hilliard Hillman, of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Hillman has an extensive background in community, civic, and volunteer involvement, and is the Republican national committeewoman for Pennsylvania.

Mary L. Jacobson, of Nebraska. Mrs. Jacobson is the cofounder of Parent Resources and Information on Drug Education, Omaha, NE.

Sterling Johnson, Jr., of New York. Mr. Johnson is special narcotics prosecutor of the Special Narcotics Courts, New York City.

Ewing Marion Kauffman, of Kansas. Mr. Kauffman is chairman of Marion Laboratories.

Thomas W. Landry, of Texas. Mr. Landry is the former coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Burton J. Lee III, of Connecticut. Dr. Lee is Physician to the President.

Brenda Lee, of Ohio. Mrs. Lee is principal of Edison Elementary School, Dayton, OH.

Edward A. Malloy, of Indiana. Father Malloy is president of the University of Notre Dame.

William J. McCarthy, of Massachusetts. Mr. McCarthy is general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Ruben B. Ortega, of Arizona. Mr. Ortega is the chief of police of Phoenix, AZ.

Richard D. Parsons, of New York. Mr. Parsons is president and chief executive officer of the Dime Savings Bank.

Sandi Patti, of Indiana. Ms. Patti is a nationally acclaimed gospel music singer.

Herman Paul Pressler III, of Texas. Judge Pressler is Justice of the Court of Appeals of Texas, 14th District, Houston, TX.

Jonas Salk, of California. Dr. Salk is founding director and distinguished professor in international health sciences at the Salk Institute.

Richard F. Schubert, of Virginia. Mr. Schubert is former president of the American Red Cross and a member of the boards of the National Assembly of National Voluntary Health and Social Welfare Organizations, Inc., and the National Commission Against Drunk Driving.

Roger B. Smith, of Michigan. Mr. Smith is chairman and chief executive officer of General Motors Corp.

William French Smith, of California. Mr. Smith is senior partner at Gibson, Dunn   Crutcher, and was Attorney General during the Reagan administration.

Frank J. Tasco, of New York. Mr. Tasco is chairman of Marsh   McLennan Co. and chairman of the board of the Phoenix House.

Robert C. Wright, of Connecticut. Mr. Wright is president and chief executive officer of National Broadcasting Co.

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