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Public Papers - 1989 - November

Remarks at the Presentation Ceremony for the Midland Community Service Award


Well, let me just say how pleased I am, as a former Midlander, to see -- [laughter]. This may make that, what do you call it, the blooper of the week. [Laughter] I'm sorry about that. You can go to your mother. [Laughter]

I will say this -- and you know, we talked about a Thousand Points of Light. And you see a community respond as yours did, sir, and then see one recognize this as -- having responded from the past itself -- and it really is a very moving thing.

I am so proud to be here and pleased to be a part of presenting this first award to you, and the tradition will continue. But please thank, sir, all those wonderful citizens that turned out. I was kept well-informed by your Senator and Congressman here, and I have been so impressed with that community spirit. I really think that beyond the borders of the United States you've set a wonderful example of one person helping another. So, you've responded, and we're very proud.

Thank you all. And as for you, Jessica -- [laughter] -- where's my handkerchief? [Laughter] How old are you now?

Note: The President spoke at 1:30 p.m. in the Roosevelt Room at the White House. Mayor Loren Callender accepted the award for Sioux City, IA, in recognition of the community's response to the crash of United Airlines Flight 232 on July 19. The town of Midland, TX, established the award to honor extraordinary community volunteer spirit exemplified by the rescue of Jessica McClure from an abandoned well in 1987. The President held 3-year-old Jessica during part of the ceremony. In his remarks, he referred to Senator Charles E. Grassley and Representative Fred Grandy of Iowa.

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