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Audio-Visual Archives

View Select Photos from the Audio-Visual Archives

Welcome to the main page of the Audio-visual Archives at the George Bush Presidential Library. Below, you will find a small sampling of photographs from the library's collection. Presently, the Bush Library houses more than 2,000,000 still photos, 10,000 video tapes, and 1,000 audio tapes that focus on George Bush's career as Vice President (1981-1989) and President (1989-1993). A limited number of photos documenting Mr. Bush's public service and family life prior to 1981 are also available. The Audio-visual Archives also contains photos of Barbara Bush during Mr. Bush's years as Vice President and President.

When ordering photos you see on this website, please provide the photo number located in the caption below the photo. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please call the audio-visual department at (979) 691-4025, send a facsimile to (979) 691-4020, or email us at Photos.Bush@nara.gov. If possible, please have event dates and names handy to assist us with finding the photo(s) or video tape(s).

If you wish to write, please address your correspondence to:

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
Attn: Audio-visual Archives
1000 George Bush Drive West
College Station, Texas 77845

Although no appointment is necessary to conduct on-site research in the Audio-visual Archives, we recommend that you call (979) 691-4025 or email to make an appointment prior to conducting research. Research room hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday except federal holidays. If you notify us prior to your arrival, we will make every effort to have your items ready when you arrive.

Schedule of Fees for Reproduction Services

(Minimum mail order is $15.00)

Copies made by Bush Library $.75
Custom Color
5x7 inches $20.00
8x10 inches $34.25
11x14 inches $40.00
16x20 inches $51.50
20x24 inches Call
20x30 inches Call
30x40 inches Call
Black and White
5x7 inches $20.00
8x10 inches $28.50
11x14 inches $34.25
16x20 inches $40.00
20x24 inches Call
20x30 inches Call
30x40 inches Call
5x7 300 dpi jpg digital scans per image $15.00
8x10 400 dpi jpg digital scans per image $20.00
Scans of any other size or resolution per image $25.00
CD or Cassette $18.00
VIDEOTAPE (limit of 3 selections per tape)
Broadcast quality (video to video transfer made by Bush Library)
Betacam SP format, per cassette $100.00
Non-broadcast quality (video to DVD transfer made by Bush Library)
DVD-R format (per disc) $57.25

NOTE: We do not have the capability of sending video electronically. Digital scans will be burned to CD and forwarded via U.S. Postal Service if larger than 5MB.

All orders payable in advance in U.S. Dollars Credit cards preferred. Please include name on card, mailing address for the credit card statement, 3- or 4-digit security code, and expiration date. Payment may also be made by U.S. postal money order or check made payable to the Bush Library Trust Fund. Please do not send cash through the mail.

PLEASE ALLOW TWO WEEKS FOR REGULAR DELIVERY. Special handling fees (FedEx, UPS, etc.) apply when a customer requests such services and are the financial responsibility of the customer.


Printable order form

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
1000 George Bush Drive West, College Station, Texas 77845
Telephone: (979) 691-4000 | Facsimile: (979) 691-4050 | TTY: (979) 691-4091