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National Archives

WHORM - National Security - Defense (ND)

Available for
ND National Security - Defense     NO
    ND001 Aircraft, Military NO
    ND001-01 Non-Military Use of Aircraft NO
    ND002 Civil Defense NO
    ND003 Communications - Electronics NO
    ND004 Defense Mobilization NO
    ND004-01 Manpower, Military NO
    ND004-02 Materials, Military NO
    ND005 Health - Medical, Military NO
    ND006 Intelligence NO
    ND007 Military Personnel NO
    ND007-01 Casualties - Burials, Military YES
    ND007-02 Conduct - Deportment - Behavior NO
    ND007-03 Housing - Quarters, Military NO
    ND007-04 Courts Martial NO
    ND007-05 Pay - Allowances - Pensions NO
    ND007-06 Promotions - Demotions - Nominations (Appointed by the President) NO
    ND007-07 Separations - Discharges - Retirements NO
    ND008 Preparedness, Military NO
    ND009 Properties - Installations NO
    ND009-01 Air Force Bases NO
    ND009-02 Army Bases NO
    ND009-03 Navy - Marine Bases NO
    ND010 Reserve Forces - National Guard NO
    ND011 Security, Military NO
    ND011-01 Classified Information NO
    ND011-02 Personnel Security, Military YES
    ND012 Service Schools NO
    ND012-01 Air Force Academy NO
    ND012-02 Air War College NO
    ND012-03 Armed Forces Staff College NO
    ND012-04 Army War College NO
    ND012-05 Coast Guard Academy NO
    ND012-06 Industrial College of the Armed Forces NO
    ND012-07 Merchant Marine Academy NO
    ND012-08 Military Academy NO
    ND012-09 National War College NO
    ND012-10 Naval Academy NO
    ND012-11 Naval War College NO
    ND012-12 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences NO
    ND013 Ships - Submarines NO
    ND014 Supplies - Logistics NO
    ND015 Vehicles - Wheel - Track - Amphibious NO
    ND016 Wars - Conflicts NO
    ND017 Warfare NO
    ND018 Weapons - Ordnance - Munitions YES
    ND019 Conscription - Induction - Draft Deferment - UMT NO
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