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National Archives

WHORM - National Security - Defense (ND)

A primary category containing information pertaining to national security functions, including the safeguarding of classified information; restrictions on the use of military aircraft; troop transportation and military operations which involve the planning, preparation, and conduct of warfare; the planning, mobilization and management of resources and production for defense needs and for material pertaining to the protection of life and property by preparing for and carrying out non-military functions to prevent, minimize, repair, and recover from damage caused by enemy attack, including post attack mobilization plans and status of forces agreement.


ND007-01 Casualties - Burials, Military (.2 ft; box 17)

A secondary subject category contains documents related to military casualties and burials. The large majority of material consists of condolence letters (and supporting documentation) written by President Bush to the families of military personnel killed during his administration. Condolences were sent to the primary next-of-kin of service men and women who died regardless of whether the cause of these deaths were related to combat or not. Condolences were also issued to the next-of-kin of military personnel previously listed as missing-in-action whose remains were identified and returned for burial. Also found in the subcategory are documents related to the prisoners-of-war/missing-in-action (POW/MIA) issue. Most of these are letters sent from the public to the President or Mrs. Bush expressing a desire for more attention to be placed on the effort to resolve this matter. Several of these letters were accompanied by petitions expressing similar sentiments. In addition to general letters related to the POW/MIA issue, there were letters related to more specific topics, such as H.R. 3603, which called for the declassification of material related to the POW/MIA subject. Finally, this subcategory contains letters related to the crash of a civilian charter plane carrying military personnel in Gander, Newfoundland.

ND011-02 Personnel Security, Military (.01 ft.; box 54)

A secondary subject category related to the government's providing security clearances to employees and contractors, and the White House ensuring secure communications lines.

ND018 Weapons - Ordnance - Munitions (3.2 ft.; boxes 115-123)

A secondary subcategory contains letters, memoranda, treaties, legislation, and reports concerning weapons systems and munitions. A small portion of the correspondence is public mail regarding defense programs including the strategic defense initiative (SDI). The majority of correspondence, however, documents interactions between the Administration and members of Congress regarding funding for defense systems or treaty ratification. Topics discussed include ballistic missile proliferation, the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty, and the nuclear nonproliferation. Reports to Congress comprise much of the material in this category and document among other things Soviet compliance to the START treaty and the extent of the U.S. and Soviet chemical and biological weapons stockpiles.

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