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National Archives

WHORM - Insurance (IS)

(5.3 linear feet; boxes 1-14)

A primary category containing information pertaining to helath, life, accident, surgical, or hospital insurance; war risk and war damage insurance; annuities and disability retirement; workmen's and unemployment insurance; crop-farm renant; surety-bank deposits and unemployment compensation.


IS Insurance (.6 ft.; boxes 1-2)

A secondary subject file category containing information on insurance matters regarding federal deposit of insurance premiums, catastrophic health care, disability insurance, auto insurance and claims, aviation insurance, medical funding, FDIC insurance levels for banks, war risk insurance, savings & loan managing, health insurance for the self-employed, unemployment insurance program and trust fund, the medicare contingency fund, national flood insurance, national health insurance, and retirement insurance.

IS001 Accident - Hospital - Medical - Health - Medicare - Medicaid (4.4 ft.; boxes 2-14)

A secondary subject file category containing information on workmens compensation, the National Childhood Vaccine Compensation Implementation Act of 1989, health insurance tax reductions for the self-employed, health insurance fraud, the Health Insurance Market Reform Act of 1992, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, state health insurance, employee's compensation appeals, no cost health insurance to servicemen, unemployment insurance for ex-service members, retired employees health programs, the Pepper Commission, and unemployment insurance benefits. This category also covers information on all matters concerning Medicare and Medicaid such as funding, physicians payment reform, and fee schedules. There is also information on the Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988, Home Intensive Care Inc., and disability insurance benefits.

IS002 Diaster - Flood - Fire - Marine (.2 ft.; box 14)

A secondary subject file category containing inforamtion on diaster relief efforts, national flood insurance, and marine war risk insurance.

IS010 Health Care Costs (.1 ft.; box 14)

A secondary subject file category containing information on the costs of Medicare payments to hospitals, and costs of health care.

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