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WHORM - Independent Agencies, Boards, and Commissions (FG065 - FG500, FG999)

Available for
FG065 Independent Agencies, Boards, and Commissions     YES
    FG066 Action YES
    FG067 Administrative Conference of the United States YES
    FG068 Advertising Council YES
    FG439 Aviation Safety Commission NO
    FG434 Advisory Board for Radio Broadcasting to Cuba YES
    FG069 Advisory Board on Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments YES
    FG474 Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping NO
    FG070 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations YES
    FG297 Advisory Committee on Balanced National Growth and Development NO
    FG071 Advisory Committee on Federal Pay YES
    FG330 Advisory Committee on Libraries and Information Services NO
    FG355 Advisory Committee on Small and Minority Business Ownership NO
    FG179 Advisory Council on Extension and Continuing Education NO
    FG072 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation YES
    FG390 African Development Foundation, Board of Directors NO
    FG342-03 Agency for International Development (AID) (Terminated 05/15/92) YES
    FG073 Agricultural Policy Committee YES
    FG374 Alaska Land Use Council NO
    FG074 American Battle Monuments Commission YES
    FG075 American National Red Cross YES
    FG077 Appalachian Regional Commission YES
    FG328 Architechural and Transportation Barrier Compliance Board NO
    FG412 Arctic Research Commission NO
    FG078 Board of Foreign Scholarships NO
    FG079 Board of Geographic Names NO
    FG080 Board for International Broadcasting NO
    FG081 Board for International Food and Economic Development NO
    FG082 Business Council NO
    FG084 Cabinet Committee on Construction NO
    FG411 Chemical Warfare Review Commission NO
    FG495 Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Board of Directors NO
    FG416 Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission NO
    FG240-01 Citizens Advisory Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports NO
    FG352-01 Citizens Committee on Conscience NO
    FG428 Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad NO
    FG431 Commission for the Study of Alternatives to the Panama Canal NO
    FG463 Commission on Agricultural Workers NO
    FG468 Commission on Alternative Utilization of Military Facilities NO
    FG093 Commission on Civil Rights YES
    FG437 Commission on Education of the Deaf NO
    FG094 Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries NO
    FG095 Commission on Federal Paperwork NO
    FG096 Commission on Fine Arts NO
    FG097 Commission on Highway Beautification NO
    FG430 Commission on Merchant Marine on Defense NO
    FG393 Commission on Organized Crime NO
    FG099 Commission on Presidential Scholars NO
    FG464 Commission on Railroad Retirement Reform NO
    FG101 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe NO
    FG415 Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States NO
    FG098 Commission on the Postal Service NO
    FG100 Commission on the Review of National Policy Toward Gambling NO
    FG344 Commission on the Review of the Federal Impact Aid Program NO
    FG418 Commission on the Ukraine Famine NO
    FG364 Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians NO
    FG103 Committee for the Preservation of the White House NO
    FG104 Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Severely Handicapped NO
    FG102 Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States NO
    FG290 Committee on Selection of Federal Judicial Officers NO
    FG105 Commodity Futures Trading Commission NO
    FG106 Communications Satellite Corporation NO
    FG240-02 Conference on Physical Fitness and Sports NO
    FG348 Consumer Affairs Council NO
    FG108 Consumer Product Safety Commission NO
    FG447 Coordinating Committee for Sub-Saharan Africa NO
    FG370-01 Coordinating Conference on Council of Integrity and Efficiency NO
    FG109 Corporation for Public Broadcasting NO
    FG466 Council on Competitiveness YES
    FG493 Council on Federal Recycling and Procurement Policy, 10/31/91 NO
    FG342-02 Council on International Scientific and Technical Cooperation NO
    FG399 Cultural Property Advisory Committee NO
    FG488 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission NO
    FG110 Defense Manpower Commission NO
    FG465 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board NO
    FG111 Delaware River Basin Commission NO
    FG112 Development Coordination Committee NO
    FG114 District of Columbia NO
    FG115 District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities NO
    FG116 District of Columbia Judicial Nominating Commission NO
    FG117 District of Columbia Law Revision Commission NO
    FG288 Drug Abuse Strategy Council NO
    FG445 Dwight D. Eisenhower Centennial Commission NO
    FG118 East-West Foreign Trade Board NO
    FG119 Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation NO
    FG346 Emergency Management Council NO
    FG378 Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board NO
    FG323 Endangered Species Committee NO
    FG120 Endangered Species Scientific Authority NO
    FG122 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) NO
    FG122-01 Environmental Protection Agency, Inspector General, Office of NO
    FG123 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) NO
    FG123-01 Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinating Council NO
    FG370-02 Executive Council on Integrity and Efficiency (ECIE) NO
    FG334 Executive Group to Combat Fraud and Waste in Government NO
    FG340-01 Executive Policy Board NO
    FG124 Export Administration Review Board NO
    FG125 Export Expansion Advisory Committee NO
    FG126 Export-Import Bank of the United States NO
    FG457 Farm and Credit System Assistance Board, Board of Directors NO
    FG127 Farm Credit Administration NO
    FG999 Federal Agencies, Proposed NO
    FG458 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Association, Interim Board NO
    FG128 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) NO
    FG129 Federal Council on the Aging NO
    FG203-01 Federal Council on the Arts and Humanities NO
    FG130 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) NO
    FG331-02 Federal Disaster Assistance Administration NO
    FG131 Federal Election Commission (FEC) NO
    FG331 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) NO
    FG331-06 Federal Emergency Management Agency, Inspector General NO
    FG133 Federal Executive Boards NO
    FG134 Federal Home Loan Bank Board YES
    FG403 Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund Board of Trustees NO
    FG480 Federal Housing Finance Board, Directors of the NO
    FG331-05 Federal Insurance Administration NO
    FG135 Federal Interagency Committee on Education NO
    FG136 Federal Labor Relations Authority NO
    FG136-01 Federal Labor Relations Authority, Federal Service Impasses Panel NO
    FG343 Federal Legal Council NO
    FG137 Federal Maritime Commission NO
    FG138 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service NO
    FG138-01 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, National Labor Management Panel NO
    FG139 Federal Metal and Nonmetallic Mine Safety Board of Review NO
    FG304 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission NO
    FG140 Federal National Mortgage Association NO
    FG490 Federal Pay Council (Established 06/05/91) NO
    FG331-03 Federal Preparedness Agency NO
    FG319-02 Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee NO
    FG404 Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, Board of Trustees NO
    FG142 Federal Regional Council NO
    FG142-01 Federal Regional Council, Under Secretaries Group for Regional Operations NO
    FG143 Federal Reserve System, Board of Governors NO
    FG435 Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board NO
    FG144 Federal Safety Council NO
    FG405 Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund, Board of Trustees NO
    FG145 Federal Trade Commission NO
    FG331-04 Flood Insurance Administration NO
    FG148 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission NO
    FG149 General Services Administration (GSA) NO
    FG149-01 General Services Administration Advisory Committee on Federal Buildings, National Capital Region NO
    FG149-02 General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service NO
    FG149-03 General Services Administration, National General Service Public Advisory Council NO
    FG149-04 General Services Administration, Property Management and Disposal Service NO
    FG149-05 General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service NO
    FG149-06 General Services Administration, Transportation and Communications Service NO
    FG149-07 General Services Administration, Information Security Oversight Office NO
    FG149-08 General Services Administration, Inspector General, Office of NO
    FG150 Geothermal Energy Coordination and Management Project NO
    FG448 Goldwater, Barry, Scholarship and Executive Education Foundation NO
    FG152 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees NO
    FG498 High Resolution Information Systems Advisory Board (Established 02/14/92) NO
    FG153 Hopi-Navajo Land Settlement Interagency Committee NO
    FG154 Indian Claims Commission NO
    FG342-01 Institute for Scientific and Technological Cooperation NO
    FG454 Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native NO
    FG156 Interagency Classification Review Committee NO
    FG482 Interagency Commission on Alternative Motor Fuels NO
    FG162 Interagency Committee for the Purchase of U.S. Savings Bonds NO
    FG157 Interagency Committee on Handicapped Employees NO
    FG324 Interagency Committee on Handicapped Research NO
    FG329 Interagency Committee on Refugee Affairs NO
    FG337 Interagency Committee on Women's Business Enterprise NO
    FG310 Interagency Coordinating Council NO
    FG450 Interagency Council on the Homeless NO
    FG158 Interagency Economic Adjustment Committee NO
    FG469 Interagency Trade Data Advisory Committee NO
    FG394 Interagency Working Group to Revise the Implementation of the Textile Import NO
    FG159 Inter-American Foundation NO
    FG159-01 Inter-American Foundation, Board of Directors NO
    FG160 Interdepartment Committee on Internal Security NO
    FG455 International Cultural and Trade Center Commission NO
    FG163 Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) NO
    FG164 Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin NO
    FG165 James Madison Memorial Commission NO
    FG460 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation NO
    FG253-01 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts NO
    FG166 Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska NO
    FG253-02 Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden NO
    FG313 Judicial Nominating Commission of Puerto Rico NO
    FG167 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coordinating Council NO
    FG167-01 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, National Advisory Committee NO
    FG438 Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board NO
    FG168 Legal Services Corporation, Board of Directors of the NO
    FG449 Low Income Opportunity Board NO
    FG171 Marine Mammal Commission NO
    FG408 Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission NO
    FG318 Merit Systems Protection Board NO
    FG442 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority NO
    FG327 Mid-America Regional Commission NO
    FG325 Mid-Atlantic Regional Commission NO
    FG326 Mid-South Regional Commission NO
    FG360 Motor Carrier Ratemaking Study Commission NO
    FG339 National Academy of Peace and Conflict Resolution NO
    FG173 National Academy of Sciences YES
    FG174 National Advisory Commission on Low Income Housing NO
    FG391 National Advisory Commission on Resource Conservation NO
    FG175 National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere NO
    FG350 National Advisory Community Investment Board NO
    FG176 National Advisory Council on Adult Education NO
    FG177 National Advisory Council on Education Professions Development NO
    FG178 National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children NO
    FG180 National Advisory Council on Equality of Educational Opportunity NO
    FG181 National Advisory Council on Indian Education NO
    FG182 National Advisory Council on International Monetary anf Finance Policies NO
    FG183 National Advisory Council on Supplementary Centers and Services NO
    FG185 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) YES
    FG185-01 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Inspector General, Office of NO
    FG417 National Afro-American History and Culture Commission NO
    FG338 National Alcohol Fuels Commission NO
    FG186 National Alliance of Business NO
    FG420 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) (Since 04/01/85) NO
    FG253-04 National Armed Forces Museum Advisory Board NO
    FG398 National Bipartisan Commission on Central America NO
    FG187 National Capital Planning Commission NO
    FG333 National Commission for Employment Policy NO
    FG477 National Commission on Agriculture and Rural Development Policy NO
    FG432 National Commission on Agricultural Finance NO
    FG453 National Commission on Agriculture Policy NO
    FG407 National Commission on Agricultural Trade and Export Policy NO
    FG302 National Commission on Air Quality NO
    FG353 National Commission on Alcohol and Alcohol Related Programs NO
    FG494 National Commission on America's Urban Families NO
    FG462 National Commission on Child and Youth Deaths NO
    FG461 National Commission on Children NO
    FG189 National Commission on Electric Fund Transfers NO
    FG289 National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics NO
    FG190 National Commission on Individual Rights NO
    FG426 National Commission on Innovation and Productivity NO
    FG491 National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal NO
    FG191 National Commission on Libraries and Information Science NO
    FG192 National Commission on Manpower Policy NO
    FG459 National Commission on Migrant Education NO
    FG379 National Commission on Social Security Reform NO
    FG406 National Commission on Space NO
    FG366 National Commission on Student Financial Assistance NO
    FG472 National Commission on Superconductivity (E.O. 12661) NO
    FG196 National Commission on Supplies and Shortages NO
    FG281 National Commission on Unemployment Compensation NO
    FG197 National Commission on Water Quaslity NO
    FG475 National Committee on Responsibilities for Financing Post Secondary Education NO
    FG321 National Consumer Cooperative Bank Board of Directors NO
    FG198 National Corporation of Housing Partnerships NO
    FG199 National Council on Federal Disaster Assistance NO
    FG413 National Council on Public Works Improvement NO
    FG201 National Council on Quality in Education NO
    FG496 National Council on Surface Transportation Research, 12/18/91 NO
    FG184 National Council on Vocational Education NO
    FG202 National Credit Union Administration NO
    FG202-01 National Credit Union Board NO
    FG429 National Critical Materials Council NO
    FG443 National Dam Safety Review Board NO
    FG440 National Drug Policy Board NO
    FG452 National Economic Commission NO
    FG203-02 National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) NO
    FG203-03 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) NO
    FG203 National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities NO
    FG253-05 National Gallery of Art NO
    FG424 National Graduate Fellows Program Fellowship Board NO
    FG282 National Health Resources Advisory Board NO
    FG204 National Historical Publications and Records Commission NO
    FG205 National Home Ownership Foundation NO
    FG481 National Indian Gaming Commission NO
    FG206 National Institute of Building Sciences NO
    FG207 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) NO
    FG208 National Mediation Board NO
    FG489 National Nutrition Monitoring Advisory Council NO
    FG209 National Park Foundation NO
    FG377 National Productivity Advisory Committee (Extended) NO
    FG210 National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK) NO
    FG210-01 National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Financial Investment Advisory Panel NO
    FG211 National Science Foundation (NSF) NO
    FG211-01 National Science Foundation, National Science Board NO
    FG497 National Security Education Board (Established 12/04/91) NO
    FG467 National Space Council, Establishing YES
    FG212 National Study Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials NO
    FG441 National Summit Conference on Education NO
    FG213 National Transportation Policy Study Commission NO
    FG214 National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) NO
    FG066-04 National Voluntary Service Advisory Council YES
    FG369 Native Hawaiian Study Commission NO
    FG345 Northern Mariana Islands Commission on Federal Law NO
    FG217 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) NO
    FG218 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission NO
    FG319-01 Office of Government Ethics YES
    FG340 Office of Inspector for Alaska Gas Transportation System NO
    FG500 Office of Nuclear Waste Negotiator (Established 1987) NO
    FG319 Office of Personnel Management (OPM) NO
    FG319-03 Office of Personnel Management, Inspector General NO
    FG321-01 Office of Self-Help Development and Technical Assistance NO
    FG221 Overseas Private Investment Corporation NO
    FG349 Panama Canal Commission NO
    FG349-01 Panama Canal Commission Supervisory Board NO
    FG380 Peace Corps (Since 12/29/81) NO
    FG380-01 Peace Corps Advisory Council NO
    FG226 Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation NO
    FG227 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation NO
    FG228 Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise NO
    FG483 President's Advisory Commission on the Public Service NO
    FG300 President's Advisory Committee for Women NO
    FG400 President's Advisory Committee on Mediation and Conciliation NO
    FG473 President's Advisory Committee on the Points of Light Foundation (Created 06/18/90) NO
    FG395 President's Advisory Committee on Women's Business Ownership NO
    FG396 President's Advisory Council on Private Sector Initiatives NO
    FG229 President's Biomedical Research Panel NO
    FG421 President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management NO
    FG409 President's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Nuclear Weapons NO
    FG230 President's Cancer Panel YES
    FG422 President's Child Safety Partnership NO
    FG351 President's Commission for a National Agenda for the Eighties NO
    FG410 President's Commission on Americans Outdoors NO
    FG470 President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism NO
    FG444 President's Commission on Compensation for Federal Executives NO
    FG232 President's Commission on Executive Exchange (to terminate 09/30/91) NO
    FG234 President's Commission on Employing People with Disabilities NO
    FG487 President's Commission on the Environmental Quality NO
    FG486 President's Commission on the Federal Appointment Process YES
    FG372 President's Commission on Hostage Compensation NO
    FG397 President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness NO
    FG309 President's Commission on Pension Policy NO
    FG451 President's Commission on Privitization NO
    FG387 President's Commission on Strategic Forces NO
    FG341 President's Commission on the Study of Ethical Problems NO
    FG233 President's Commission on White House Fellowships NO
    FG383 President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities NO
    FG358 President's Committee on International Labor Organization NO
    FG235 President's Committee on Mental Retardation NO
    FG236 President's Committee on the National Medal of Science NO
    FG238 President's Committee on Urban Development and Neighborhood Revitalization NO
    FG389 President's Council for International Youth Exchange NO
    FG478 President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology NO
    FG370 President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency NO
    FG240 President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports NO
    FG402 President's Council on Management Improvement NO
    FG484 President's Council on Rural America NO
    FG476 President's Drug Advisory Council NO
    FG368 President's Economic Policy Advisory Board NO
    FG471 President's Education Policy Advisory Committee NO
    FG336 President's Export Council NO
    FG242 President's Interagency Committee on Export Expansion NO
    FG385 President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee NO
    FG384 President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control NO
    FG436 President's Special Review Board NO
    FG284 Presidential Advisory Board on Ambassadorial Appointments NO
    FG371 Presidential Advisory Committee on Federalism NO
    FG401 Presidential Advisory Council on the Peace Corps NO
    FG423 Presidential Board of Advisors on Private Sector Initiatives NO
    FG446 Presidential Commission on AIDS YES
    FG392 Presidential Commission on Conduct of U.S.- Japan Relations NO
    FG382 Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving NO
    FG388 Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies NO
    FG427 Presidential Commission on Space Shuttle Challenger Accident NO
    FG381 Property Review Board (Federal Real Property Board) NO
    FG245 Rail Public Counsel, Office of the NO
    FG246 Railroad Retirement Board NO
    FG317-01 Regulatory Analysis Review Group NO
    FG317 Regulatory Council NO
    FG247 Renegotiation Board NO
    FG479 Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) NO
    FG479-01 Resolution Trust Corporation, Inspector General NO
    FG479-02 Resolution Trust Corporation, Oversight Board NO
    FG248 Sinai Interagency Board NO
    FG249 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) NO
    FG250 Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) NO
    FG322 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy NO
    FG251 Selective Service System NO
    FG251-01 Selective Service System, National Selective Service Appeals Board NO
    FG252 Small Business Administration (SBA) NO
    FG252-01 Small Business Administration, National Small Business Advisory Council NO
    FG252-02 Small Business Administration, Inspector General, Office of NO
    FG253 Smithsonian Institution NO
    FG253-01 Smithsonian Institution Advisory Committee on Arts NO
    FG253-03 Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum NO
    FG254 Southern Interstate Nuclear Board NO
    FG320 Special Panel on Appeals for Discriminatory Cases NO
    FG425 State Justice Institute Board of Directors NO
    FG356 State Planning Council on Radioactive Waste Management NO
    FG294 Statistical Policy Coordination Committee NO
    FG255 Student Loan Marketing Association NO
    FG362 Supplemental Health Insurance Panel NO
    FG256 Susquehanna River Basin Commission NO
    FG365 Tahoe Federal Coordinating Council NO
    FG257 Task Forces NO
    FG257-01 Presidential Task Force on Regulatory Relief NO
    FG257-02 Task Force on the Automobile Industry NO
    FG257-03 Task Force on Immigration and Refugee Policy NO
    FG257-04 Task Force on Aircraft Crew Complement NO
    FG258-05 Coordinating Task Force on Federalism NO
    FG258-06 Task Force on Telecommunications Policy (Commerce Department) NO
    FG258-07 Task Force on Puerto Rican Problems NO
    FG258-08 Presidential Task Force on the Arts and Humanities NO
    FG258-09 Task Force on Military Manpower NO
    FG258-10 Task Force on Communications NO
    FG258-11 Task Force on Social Security NO
    FG258-12 Task Force on Entitlements NO
    FG258-13 Task Force on Revenue Enhancements NO
    FG258-14 President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives NO
    FG258-15 Task Force on Legal Equity for Women NO
    FG258-17 President's Task Force on Victims of Crime NO
    FG258-18 Task Force on Civil Rights Organization YES
    FG258-19 International Private Enterprise Task Force NO
    FG258-20 Task Force on Acid Precipitation NO
    FG258-21 Task Force on Food Assistance NO
    FG258-22 Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice NO
    FG258-23 Task Force on Adoption NO
    FG258-24 Task Force on Market Mechanisms NO
    FG419 Technical Review Group on Inertial Confinement Fusion NO
    FG259 Tennessee Valley Authority NO
    FG260-01 Trade Negotiations Committee NO
    FG260 Trade Policy Committee NO
    FG485 Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee NO
    FG261 United Service Organization NO
    FG299 United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy NO
    FG264 United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency NO
    FG286 United States Circuit Judge Nominating Commission NO
    FG331-01 United States Fire Administration NO
    FG386 United States German Tricentennial Commission NO
    FG352 United States Holocaust Memorial Council NO
    FG298 United States Information Agency (USIA), 08/24/82 YES
    FG414 United States Institute of Peace, Board of Directors YES
    FG342 United States International Development Cooperation Agency NO
    FG433 United States International Narcotics Control Commission NO
    FG267 United States International Trade Commission (USITC) NO
    FG268 United States Metric Board NO
    FG492 United States Office of Special Counsel (Established 01/01/79) NO
    FG269 United States Postal Service NO
    FG269-01 United States Postal Service Board of Governors NO
    FG269-02 United States Postal Service Advisory Council NO
    FG269-03 United States Postal Service Rate Commission NO
    FG269-04 U.S. Postmasters - Post Offices NO
    FG270 United States Railway Association (USRA) NO
    FG271 United States Sinai Support Mission NO
    FG361 United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation Board of Directors NO
    FG361-01 United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation, Inspector General NO
    FG272 United States Territorial Expansion Memorial Commission NO
    FG342-04 United States Trade and Development Program NO
    FG314 Veterans Federal Coordinating Committee Council NO
    FG066-02 VISTA YES
    FG298-01 Voice of America (Broadcasting Service) YES
    FG066-03 Voluntary Action, Office of NO
    FG277 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority NO
    FG278 Water Resources Council NO
    FG279 Western Interstate Nuclear Board NO
    FG499 Western Water Policy Review Commission NO
    FG253-06 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars NO
    FG280 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission NO
    FG456 Working Group on Financial Markets NO
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