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National Archives

WHORM - Human Rights (HU)

Available for
HU Human Rights     YES
    HU010 Equality YES
    HU011 Education, Equal YES
    HU012 Employment, Equal YES
    HU013 Ethnic Origin Groups YES
    HU013-10 Arab-American Groups YES
    HU013-20 Asian-American Groups YES
    HU013-21 Chinese-American Groups YES
    HU013-22 Japanese-American Groups YES
    HU013-30 African-American Groups YES
    HU013-40 Canadian-American Groups YES
    HU013-50 Eastern-European American Groups YES
    HU013-51 Hungarian-American Groups YES
    HU013-52 Lithuanian-American Groups YES
    HU013-53 Polish-American Groups YES
    HU013-54 Russian-American Groups YES
    HU013-60 Jewish-American Groups YES
    HU013-70 Latin-American Groups, Hispanics YES
    HU013-71 Chicano Groups YES
    HU013-80 Puerto Rican groups YES
    HU013-90 Western European-American Groups YES
    HU013-91 Franco-American Groups YES
    HU013-92 German-American Groups YES
    HU013-93 Greek-American Groups YES
    HU013-94 Italian-American Groups YES
    HU013-95 Irish-American Groups YES
    HU013-96 Spanish-American Groups YES
    HU013-99 Other Ethnic Origin Groups YES
    HU014 Housing, Right to YES
    HU015 Voting Rights YES
    HU016 Women YES
    HU020 Freedoms YES
    HU021 Civil Disturbances - Riots YES
    HU030 Genocide YES
    HU040 Ideologies YES
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