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WHORM - Federal Government Organizations (FG)

The Federal Government (FG) Subject File consists of four distinct sections. The first section includes categories relating to the President and the Executive office of the President (FG - FG006) and agencies within the Executive Branch (FG010 - FG027). The second section (FG030 - FG048) covers Executive Branch interaction with the the Legislative Branch. The third section (FG050 - FG062) covers Executive Branch interaction with the the Judicial Branch. The fourth section (FG065 - FG500 and FG999) covers Executive Branch interaction with independent federal agencies. Selecting the links listed below will allow you to view the subcategories for each category and whether the categories are available for research.

Please note that in many cases the numbers which identify the categories are not sequential. This is due to changes in the organizational structure of the Executive Branch between the 1960's (when the WHORM subject file was originally created) and the Bush Administration. As departments, agencies, and committees were renamed or eliminated the corresponding WHORM subcategories were also eliminated without renumbering those that remained.

The following links to Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch will take you to the subcategories under each heading.

Independent agencies, boards, and commissions (FG065 - FG500 and FG999) are listed below in alphabetical order. Please choose the first letter of the agency, board, or commission name to jump to that section of the list. Please note that in cases where the agency, board or commisison begins with "Board" or "Commission" i.e. "Board of Geographic Names" or "Commission on Postal Service" the listings can be found under "B" and "C" and not under "Geographic" or "Postal."

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