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WHORM - Countries (CO)

Please select the first letter of the country name to jump to that section of the table. The following list is presented in alphabetical order. Choose the first letter of the country name to jump to that section of the list. Click here for a list of countries in numerical order according to their subcategory number. Please note that country names are circa 1988-1989 and in several cases country names have changed since that time.

Available for
CO Countries     NO
    CO144 Aden NO
    CO002 Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of NO
    CO001-01 Africa NO
    CO003 Albania, Peoples Socialist Republic of NO
    CO004 Algeria, Democratic and Popular Republic of NO
    CO005 Andorra NO
    CO006 Angola, Peoples Republic of NO
    CO173 Anguilla NO
    CO001-02 Antarctica - Arctic NO
    CO007 Antigua and Barbuda, State of NO
    CO008 Argentine Republic NO
    CO193 Aruba NO
    CO001-03 Asia NO
    CO009 Australia NO
    CO010 Austria, Republic of NO
    CO011 Azores NO
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    CO012 Bahamas, Commonwealth of the NO
    CO013 Bahrain, State of NO
    CO014 Bangladesh, Peoples Republic of NO
    CO015 Barbados NO
    CO016 Belgium NO
    CO023 Belize NO
    CO017 Benin, Peoples Republic of NO
    CO018 Bermuda NO
    CO019 Bhutan NO
    CO116-01 Biafra, Republic of NO
    CO020 Bolivia, Republic of NO
    CO021 Botswana, Republic of NO
    CO022 Brazil, Federative Republic of NO
    CO192 Brunei Darussalam NO
    CO024 Bulgaria, Peoples Republic of NO
    CO025 Burma, Socialist Republic of the Union of NO
    CO026 Burundi, Republic of NO
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    CO081 Cambodia NO
    CO027 Cameroon, State of YES
    CO028 Canada NO
    CO029 Canary Islands NO
    CO030 Cape Verde, Republic of NO
    CO031 Central African Republic NO
    CO032 Chad, Republic of NO
    CO033 Chile NO
    CO034 China NO
    CO034-01 China, Republic of (Taiwan) YES
    CO034-02 China, Peoples Republic of (PRC) NO
    CO035 Columbia NO
    CO001-04 Communist Bloc NO
    CO180 Comoros, Federal and Islamic Republic of NO
    CO036 Congo, Peoples Republic of the NO
    CO001 Continental - Geographic Areas NO
    CO037 Costa Rica, Republic of NO
    CO038 Cuba, Republic of NO
    CO039 Cyprus, Republic of NO
    CO040 Czechoslovakia, Socialist Republic of NO
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    CO041 Denmark NO
    CO179 Djibouti, Republic of NO
    CO184 Dominica, Commonwealth of NO
    CO042 Dominican Republic YES
    CO044 Ecuador NO
    CO045 Egypt, Arab Republic of NO
    CO046 El Salvador, Republic of YES
    CO047 Equatorial Guinea NO
    CO048 Estonia NO
    CO049 Ethiopia NO
    CO001-05 Europe NO
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    CO001-06 Far East NO
    CO043 Fiji NO
    CO050 Finland NO
    CO051 France NO
    CO052 Gabon Republic NO
    CO053 Gambia, The NO
    CO054 Germany (Reunited as of 10/03/90) NO
    CO054-01 Germany, Democratic Republic of (East) NO
    CO054-02 Germany, Federal Republic of (West) NO
    CO055 Ghana, Republic of NO
    CO186 Gilbert Islands NO
    CO057 Greece, Hellenic Republic of NO
    CO057 Greenland NO
    CO058 Grenada NO
    CO059 Guadeloupe NO
    CO060 Guatamala, Republic of YES
    CO061 Guinea, Republic of NO
    CO062 Guinea-Bissau, Republic of NO
    CO063 Guyana, Republic of YES
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    CO064 Haiti, Republic of NO
    CO065 Honduras, Republic of NO
    CO066 Hong Kong, Republic of NO
    CO067 Hungary, Hungarian Peoples Republic YES
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    CO068 Iceland, Republic of NO
    CO069 India YES
    CO070 Indonesia, Republic of YES
    CO071 Iran NO
    CO072 Iraq, Republic of YES
    CO073 Ireland NO
    CO074 Israel NO
    CO075 Italy, Italian Republic NO
    CO076 Cote d'Ivorie (Ivory Coast) NO
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    CO077 Jamaica NO
    CO078 Japan YES
    CO079 Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of NO
    CO080 Kenya NO
    CO187 Kiribati, Republic of NO
    CO082 Korea NO
    CO082-01 Korea, Peoples Democratic Republic of (North) NO
    CO082-02 Korea, Republic of (South) NO
    CO083 Kuwait, State of YES
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    CO84 Laos, Peoples Democratic Republic YES
    CO085 Latvia NO
    CO086 Lebanon, Republic of NO
    CO087 Lesotho, Kingdom of NO
    CO088 Liberia, Republic of NO
    CO089 Libya, Socialist Peoples Lebyan Arab Jamahiriya NO
    CO090 Liechtenstein NO
    CO091 Lithuania NO
    CO092 Luxembourg NO
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    CO093 Macao NO
    CO094 Madeiro NO
    CO095 Madagascar, Malagasy Republic of NO
    CO096 Malawi, Republic of NO
    CO097 Malaysia NO
    CO098 Maldives, Republic of NO
    CO099 Mali, Republic of NO
    CO100 Malta, Republic of YES
    CO194 Mariana Islands, Northern NO
    CO195 Marshall Islands, Republic of (effective 10/21/86) NO
    CO101 Martinique NO
    CO102 Mauritania NO
    CO103 Mauritius NO
    CO104 Mexico (United Mexican States) NO
    CO196 Micronesia, Federated States of (effective 11/03/86) NO
    CO001-07 Middle East NO
    CO105 Monaco NO
    CO106 Mongolia (Outer Mongolia) Peoples Republic NO
    CO107 Morocco NO
    CO108 Mozambique, Peoples Republic of NO
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    CO143 Namibia NO
    CO109 Nauru NO
    CO110 Nepal NO
    CO111 Netherlands NO
    CO112 New Caledonia NO
    CO113 New Zealand NO
    CO114 Nicaragua NO
    CO115 Niger, Republic of NO
    CO116 Nigeria, Federal Republic of NO
    CO001-08 North America NO
    CO117 Norway NO
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    CO118 Oman, Sultanate of NO
    CO119 Pakistan, Islamic Republic of YES
    CO190 Palau NO
    CO120 Palestine, Islamic Republic of NO
    CO121 Panama, Republic of YES
    CO122 Papua New Guinea NO
    CO123 Paraguay, Republic of NO
    CO124 Peru, Republic of NO
    CO125 Philippines NO
    CO126 Poland, Polish Peoples Republic NO
    CO127 Portugal, Republic of NO
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    CO128 Qatar, State of NO
    CO129 Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) NO
    CO130 Romania, (Rumania) Socialist Republic of NO
    CO165 Russia NO
    CO131 Rwanda, Republic of NO
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    CO132 San Marino, Republic of NO
    CO133 Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic of NO
    CO134 Saudi Arabia YES
    CO135 Senegal, Republic of NO
    CO136 Seychelles, Republic of NO
    CO137 Sierra Leone, Republic of NO
    CO138 Sikkim NO
    CO139 Singapore, Republic of NO
    CO182 Solomon Islands NO
    CO140 Somalia, Democratic Republic of YES
    CO141 South Africa, Republic of YES
    CO001-09 South America, Central America, Latin America NO
    CO142 South Pacific Islands NO
    CO145 Spain NO
    CO146 Spanish Sahara NO
    CO147 Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of NO
    CO191 St. Christopher and Nevis NO
    CO185 St. Lucia NO
    CO188 St. Vincent and the Grenadines NO
    CO148 Sudan, Republic of NO
    CO149 Suriname, Republic of NO
    CO150 Swaziland, Kingdom of NO
    CO151 Sweden NO
    CO152 Switzerland NO
    CO153 Syrian Arab Republic NO
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    CO154 Tanzania NO
    CO154 Tanzania (Tanganyika) NO
    CO155 Thailand NO
    CO156 Tibet YES
    CO157 Togo, Republic of NO
    CO158 Tonga, Kingdom of NO
    CO181 Transkei, Republic of NO
    CO159 Trieste NO
    CO160 Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of NO
    CO161 Trucial States NO
    CO162 Tunisia, Republic of NO
    CO163 Turkey, Republic of NO
    CO183 Tuvalu NO
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    CO164 Uganda, Republic of NO
    CO166 United Arab Emirates NO
    CO167 United Kingdom NO
    CO168 Burkina Faso (Upper Volta) NO
    CO169 Uruguay, Oriental Republic of NO
    CO189 Vanuatu (New Hebrides), Republic of NO
    CO170 Vatican City NO
    CO171 Venezuela, Republic of NO
    CO172 Vietnam, Socialist Republic NO
    CO174 Western Samoa, Independent State of NO
    CO175 Yemen, Arab Republic NO
    CO176 Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of NO
    CO177 Zaire YES
    CO178 Zambia, Republic of NO
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