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National Archives

WHORM - Civil Aviation (CA)

(3.6 linear feet; boxes 1-9)

A primary subject category containing information pertaining to Safety Regulations, Air Commerce, Air Freight, Development of Aeronautics, the Control and Use of Navigable Air Space, Research and Development of Air Navigation Facilities, Development and Operation of a Common System of Air Traffic Control and Navigation for Civil Aircraft and Aviation Policy.


CA Civil Aviation - General (2 ft.; boxes 1-6)

A subject category containing general information dealing with aviation regulations, treaties, economic matters within the industry, new aviation projects, reinstatement of fired air traffic controllers, and proposed tax increases. The largest single subject dealt with is the economic crisis surrounding the bankruptcy of Eastern Airlines, including numerous letters from members of Congress, Eastern employees, and the general public. Other subjects include the text of the Open Skies Treaty, regulations concerning air travel of handicapped persons, and new taxes on aviation fuel and airline tickets. Also discussed are proposed new air routes and landing slots for various domestic and international air carriers, the air system in Europe, and the seizure of American-owned planes by the Columbian government.

CA001 Accidents - Safety (.8 ft.; boxes 6-7)

A secondary subject category primarily containing information concerning the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. This includes correspondence between family members of victims and the government, information concerning the investigation of the explosion, lobbying efforts by the Families of Pan-Am 103/Lockerbie, and a time line of action taken by the U.S. Embassy in London. Information concerning several other air disasters are also included, including Arrow Air Lines 1985 crash and Korean Air Lines Flight 007 crash. This category also contains Administration statements and letters concerning the firing of air traffic controllers during the Reagan Administration.

CA002 Aircraft Development (.1 ft.; box 8)

A secondary subject category containing information on Burnelli-designed planes, the National Aero-Space Plane (NASP) program, commercial uses for the B-2 bomber design, and other plane design information.

CA003 Airports (.275 ft.; box 8)

A secondary subject category dealing with noise pollution at airports, the creation of new airports and runways, the awarding of new landing slots, and the Administration's position on various pieces of airport-related legislation. Also located in this file is information concerning the merger of US Air and British Airways as well as information dealing with the awarding of slots at O'Hare for Japanese cargo carriers in exchange for slots at Japanese airports for UPS. (It should be noted that information dealing with the new Denver airport is located in the CA001 file.)

CA004 Decisions (.125 ft.; boxes 8-9)

A secondary subject category primarily containing background information on the Eastern Airlines bankruptcy. Information concerning Continental Airlines' bankruptcy is also included. Other materials deal with noise pollution at Newark International Airport, the reinstatement of air service to South Africa, and the merger of US Air and British Airways.

CA005 Miscellaneous (Incl. routes, navigation, and air subsidies) (.2 ft.; box 9)

A secondary subject category containing information about air communications during overseas flights, information about flights between various U.S. cities and foreign destinations, the sale of TWA routes to American Airlines, and the dispute between Japanese cargo carriers and UPS.

CA007 Miscellaneous (.01 ft.; box 9)

A secondary subject category containing one letter to the President from Bill Opferman.

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