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National Archives

WHORM - Agriculture (AG)

(2.0 linear feet; boxes 1-5)

A primary subject category containing information pertaining to the acquisition and dissemination of information on agricultural and experimental programs, research in crop and livestock production, farm and household management, and rural development.


AG Agriculture - General (1.57 ft.; boxes 1-4)

A subject category containing materials relating to domestic and international agricultural policies, farm program payment yields, independent bakers, rural electrification, agricultural journalists, the dairy industry, Senate Bill 553, Food Security Act of 1985, 1990 Farm Bill Amendments to the Agricultural Act of 1949, S. 1793 - Omnibus Agriculture Amendments, Agricultural Ocean Transportation Coalition (AG/OTC), beekeepers and honey price support program, grazing on federal lands, rural development, pesticides, crop genetics, biotechnology, alternative fuels, ethanol, milk subsidies, bilateral agreements, the 1990 Farm Bill, farming and the environment, food safety, alternative uses of farm products, open markets, migrant farm workers, family farms, state farm bureaus, State rural Development Council, the President's Council on Rural America (8/92), Dire Emergency Supplemental bill, farm foreclosures, Farm Animal and Research Protection Act, poultry and livestock feed additives, alternate cropping systems, soil conservation, sugar quotas, foreign trade, agricultural exports, import quotas, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Uruguay Round. There are also specific reports submitted by U.S. agricultural missions abroad. These include the U.S. Agricultural Trade and Development Mission to Kenya and Cote D'Ivoire (March 1989), the U.S. mission to Jamaica and Ecuador (November 1989); and the U.S. mission to India. There is also information on the U.S.-Japan Working Group on the Structural Impediments Initiative (SII), export credits to the Soviet Union, U.S.-Mexico free trade, agricultural technical assistance to Third World nations, market-oriented farm policies, the National Grange, drought legislation, farm relief, the National Academy of Sciences report dealing with the agricultural, food, and environment system, the Conservation Title of the 1990 Farm Bill, conservation compliance, National Wetlands Policy, and the strategic forest reserve.

AG001 Marketing Protection Programs (.1 ft.; box 4)

A subject category containing materials relating to uniform standards of food labeling, use of growth hormones, pesticides, food additives, seafood inspection, uniform national food safety and labeling standards, H.R. 2597 and 3642; Food, Drug, Cosmetic, and Device Endorsement Amendments of 1991, dietary supplements, GATT, and soybean farmers.

AG002 Research Programs (.13 ft.; box 5)

A subject category containing materials relating to conservation and flood protection, the Silver Spring Monkeys, H.R. 2799: Planning Alternative Crops on Permitted Acreage, the U.S. Agricultural Trade and Development Mission to Yemen and Egypt (November 1989); genetically modified plants, sweet sorghum test planting, H.R. 3153 and H.R. 3292: Amendments to the Federal Insecticide and Rodenticide Act, alternative fuels, screw worm eradication, the naval orange crop, California crop freeze damage, grasshopper infestations, and sclerotinia blight on peanuts.

AG003 Subsidies, Agricultural (.1 ft.; box 5)

A subject category containing materials relating to Enrolled Bill S. 553, The Food Security Wheat Reserve, and forage data.

AG004 Surplus, Agricultural (.1 ft.; box 5)

A subject category containing materials relating to the sale of Western state potatoes to the former Soviet Republics.

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