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Welcome to the main page of the Museum at the George Bush Presidential Library. The staff of the museum is pleased to present a sampling of the exhibits in the main gallery and brief descriptions of past, present, and future exhibits in the Ansary Gallery and the Fidelity Corridor Gallery.

The core exhibit at the Bush Museum traces the life of George Bush from his childhood during the 1920's through his service as a torpedo-bomber pilot during World War II and his business career spanning the decades between 1945 and 1965. It concludes with a presentation of his public life first as a U.S. Congressman and later as head of the Republican National Committee, Ambassador to the United Nations, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Vice President under President Ronald Reagan, and finally as President of the United States from 1989-1993. Throughout the museum, exhibits highlight the unique influences and challenges which shaped George Bush's life and presidency.

Museum artifacts include a World War II Avenger Torpedo Bomber similar to the plane George Bush flew during World War II; a 1947 Studebaker like the car he drove from Connecticut to Texas; a large slab of the Berlin Wall; and precise replicas of his Camp David and Air Force One offices. Also included are presidential exhibits that document George Bush's leadership during times of international crisis, including the reunification of Germany, the first Persian Gulf War, and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Ansary Gallery and the Fidelity Corridor Gallery host new exhibits approximately once every three to five months. Although some of these exhibits feature artifacts housed in the museum collection, the museum is also committed to bringing high quality traveling exhibits to the Bryan-College Station area.

We hope that you find this website useful and look forward to seeing you at the museum.

If you have comments about the Museum at the George Bush Presidential Library, please call (979) 691-4069, send a facsimile to (979) 691-4050, or email us at Media.Bush@nara.gov.

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George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
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