The East Garden was named the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden in 1963 by Lady Bird Johnson in tribute to her predecessor's contribution in promoting gardening at the White House. It features a pergola at one end and a fountain at the other. In the White House replica, a pump sends water up through the miniature fountain all day long. In the photograph a true-size golf ball stamped "General Ike" supports a miniaturized set of golf clubs that are personalized "Ford".

The Rose Garden and the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden are both approximately 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. Rachel Lambert Mellon designed them so that a central quadrangle of grass is surrounded by hedge, flowers, and trees. The magnolias and flowering crab apples in the Rose Garden and the topiary in the Jacquelilne Kennedy Garden are only two of the many variations on Mrs. Mellon's basic geometric design that give the two gardens their distinct qualities.