Lloyd Bentsen served three terms as a congressman from the Lower Rio Grande Valley. He left public office to raise a family, returning to defeat incumbent U.S. Senator Ralph W. Yarborough in the 1970 Democratic primary. Bentsen won election to the Senate by defeating a future president, Republican George Bush, in the general election, and served more than three terms as senator. As Democratic nominee for vice president in 1988, Bentsen gained fame in a TV debate for squelching his Republican opponent, Dan Quayle, who had compared his political experience to that of John Kennedy before JFK ran for president. Bentsen said: “I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine, Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.” In 1993 Bentsen left the Senate during his fourth term to serve as secretary of the Treasury in the Bill Clinton administration, resigning in 1994.