Little did popular Homecoming Queen of Quitman, Texas, know that someday she would make her break into the movie industry playing an emotionally troubled teenager deprived of high school friends. Spacek’s 1976 breakout role in Stephen King’s Carrie would be rewarded with the first of six Best Actress Oscar nominations. Since that time, this petite actress has played a variety of strong characters, but none so endearing as her portrayal of Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner’s Daughter. This classic film won Spacek an Oscar for Best Actress, as well as a Grammy nomination for her own renditions on the soundtrack album. Other films have followed her early successes as she chooses projects of interesting, provocative, and timely topics. Many of them have resulted in other awards, such as the independent film In the Bedroom, which netted her a sixth Best Actress Oscar nomination in 2001. This Texas girl has certainly enjoyed an illustrious career but still retains her down-home character.