In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Soong said to Data, “No man should understand where his dreams come from, Data." Perhaps Gene Roddenberry did not understand where his dreams came from when he developed Star Trek in 1964, but he certainly made the most of them. A recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal in World War II, Roddenberry eventually returned home where he “found” himself in writing. After composing several scripts for popular television series, he developed his science fiction idea, Star Trek. Although it originally broadcast for only three seasons (1966-1969), it became as icon for several generations. Not only did it spark a rash of other sequels and spin-offs (10 motion pictures and four more TV series) but Star Trek quotes have even become an integral part of American culture. “Beam me up, Scotty” can be heard at the ever-growing phenomenon of Star Trek conventions, where grown business men and women take time out of their schedules to don Trek costumes and imitate their favorite characters. So, although it has been forty years since the original Star Trek aired, its creator, affectionately known by “Trekkies” as “The Great Bird of the Galaxy,” continues on as a legend.