When the Reagans moved into the White House in January 1981, plans had already been laid to refurbish the second and third floors of the White House. They raised nearly a million dollars from friends and political supporters. Mrs. Reagan enlisted the help of a Los Angeles interior designer and old friend, Ted Graber, to help her make the living quarters "warm and livable." The master bedroom, never seen by the public but here displayed in the replica, beautifully fulfills Mrs. Reagan and Graber's objectives.

The Chinese paper, hand-painted in eighteenth-century style, gives the presidential bedroom its individuality. The lovely, delicate irregular spacing of a wide variety of birds-peacocks, bluebirds, roosters, etc.-around the room creates an airy, open field of color and form.

In order to replicate and reduce the wallpaper for the miniature White House, John and Jan Zweifel made a scale painting of the wallpaper onto a 10-by-12-inch sheet of paper. This was then carefully reduced on a color copier to provide sheets of paper for the walls of the miniature room.