Photo by: Ernest Haas (1921-1986), Gelatin silver print, circa 1955, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.

Pushed by an ambitious stage mother, singer-actress Judy Garland reached the pinnacle of Hollywood stardom in her late teens with her portrayal of Dorothy in the now-classic movie The Wizard of Oz . An instinctive performer, she brought a vitality to her stage and screen appearances that won her a large, dedicated following. Part of her attraction was the chronic personal unhappiness of her life, which, in juxtaposition with her enormous talent, ultimately turned her into a tragic legend. Perhaps her finest moment as a screen actress came in A Star is Born , a film that one critic proclaimed "Just about the greatest one-woman show in the modern movie history."

This picture of Garland in performance was the work of the Austrian-born Ernest Haas. In 1959 Popular Photography named him one of America's ten best photographers.