Artist: Keith Ferris
Medium: Oil on panel
Date: 1969

Deploying with the first internal gun equipped F-4E squadron to Southeast Asia, the artist is seen here as Major Paul Lemin’s GIB (Guy In Back) in tail number 268 as part of the first cell of eight Phantoms in company with their assigned three KC-135A tankers on 17 November 1968.

The painting depicts the feeling of hanging out there in the sun, hour after hour, over the vast Pacific and of the relentless march into the unknown as these men faced their first combat tour.

On arrival at Korat, Thailand, the F-4E’s and their crews were welcomed as the 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron, the previously F-105 equipped unit famous for being bad news for Uncle Ho. The F-4E continued the tradition.

On loan from: the United States Air Force Art Collection