Painting by W. Herbert "Buck" Dunton, 1912
Oil on canvas
On loan from Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University, given in memory of James L. Marr, July 1969

Dunton began or conceived this image during a summer trip to Taos in 1912. The bright colors and loose brushwork show French impressionism influence. Dunton grew up in Maine listening to his Grandfather's stories of the West. As an avid outdoorsman, he always carried his sketchpad, rod, and rifle. In 1896 he made his first trip to the West, and then permanently moving to New Mexico in 1914. Dunton turned to art as a career after cowboying and hunting proved unprofitable. At his peak he was the most popular Western illustrator in New York City. By 1923 he had illustrated 52 books and over 400 covers of articles for 35 magazines. In 1914 he moved back to the West and became a founding member of Taos Society of Artists in New Mexico.