Courtesy Dr. Gary Milan Collection

Paul Revere was a noted Massachusetts silversmith and engraver, who had met Samuel Adams and John Hancock and shared in their beliefs. he engraved and sold this depiction of the so=called "Boston Massacre" to gain support for those who opposed British taxation. On march 5, 1770, five colonists died on the icy streets of Boston during the incident in an exchange with British soldiers from the 29th Regiment of Foot. One of those killed, Samuel Gray, owned a rope factory, an important product for sailing ships of the era and other uses. Others included Jonas Caldwell, a sailor, Patrick Carr, and Samuel Maverick, who was only seventeen-years-old when he was killed. The first to fall, though, was an imposing 6 feet 2 inch seafarer, who had escaped from slavery years before. Crispus Attucks, and African American, knew well about what it was like to be denied freedom. Because of this he made the greatest sacrifice in the name of liberty.