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National Archives

Treasures of China

August 30, 2003 to January 4, 2004

This unique exhibit will juxtapose contemporary Chinese art with its ancient counterparts. Thirty exotic paintings by Dominic Lam and Yang Jin Long will surround Neolithic pottery, Tang sculpture, and intricate jade carvings. Sensuous lines, exquisite color, and a deft mastery of subject matter seen in Chinese art of the past continue to inspire major Chinese artists of today.

President Bush's extensive collection of Chinese scroll art, both old and new, will make its debut during this exhibit. Many of these pieces are valued gifts from Chinese friends dating from Mr. Bush's time in China as the American Liaison to China in 1974 and 1975.

Americans from the beginning our country have valued and sought Chinese decorative arts and goods. The vividly illustrated journal of the third mate's 1789 voyage to China aboard the ship Columbia will be displayed for the first time in Texas. The Chinese porcelain punch bowl which served punch to the participants of the Boston Tea Party will be traveling first class from Boston to College Station for this exhibit.

Other notable art to be shown will include extraordinary porcelain from the Ming dynasty, artifacts from a scholar's table, a bronze ritual wine vessel, jewel-like snuff bottles made of precious stones, opera masks, teapots made from every conceivable material, ancient Chinese swords, musical instruments, and jewelry. We have borrowed Chinese gifts presented to American presidents spanning our 20th century diplomatic history.

Treasures of China will be on display in conjunction with the Fall 2003 international conference China - U.S. Relations: Past, Present and Future planned for the Bush Presidential Conference Center at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

Over 150 objects of art will be on exhibit. Lenders include:

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