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Lesson Plans - Introduction

Dr. Shirley K. Hammond
Education Director

The Education Department of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum enthusiastically endorses these new educational endeavors for Grade 5 and Grade 8 students to provide purposeful, interactive lessons in Social Studies, American History, U.S. Government, and Science that connect Texas classrooms with resources at The Museum.

We acknowledge gratefully the collaborations that have made this possible. The City of Bryan provided a grant of $12,000.00 to fund a contract between The Museum and educators who work for Bryan Independent School District. For their vision in understanding the vital importance of funding projects to enhance the use of unique educational resources in our community, we thank sincerely Alsie Bond, Bryan Community Development Program Administrator; Mary Kaye Moore, City Manager; as well as current and past Mayors and Council Members of Bryan; and Mary Lynne Stratta, City Secretary.

For all of their creative resourcefulness and dedication to serving the students of Bryan Independent School District, we proudly acknowledge the Team of Educators who have authored these lesson plans: Amanda Godfrey, Diane Hartman, Cyndi Owens and Imogene Vetters. As a result of your commitment to excellence in educational experiences, many Texas students will have their understanding of these concepts enriched and broadened.

Curriculum Development Project

Bryan ISD & the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

  1. Objective: To develop three 5 th grade and four 8 th grade standard lesson plans and one 5th grade GT and one 8 th grade pre-AP lesson plan linking TEKS and TAKS testable concepts with resources to enhance the learning and understanding of this material. The lesson plans will combine educational and enrichment activities. Pinpointing the weakness in TAKS by Bryan ISD students will be analyzed to develop helpful and enriching lessons to strengthen students' efforts in the future. Use of critical thinking skills, reinforcing social studies vocabulary terms/concepts and textbook materials will be addressed.
  2. This will involve utilizing and combining learning from the following:
    • Primary Source Documents from GBPLM / NARA
    • Permanent Museum Exhibits
    • Artifacts from GBPLM / NARA
    • Audiovisuals from GBPLM / NARA
    • Technology: Use of online access
    • Student projects may involve team activity
    • Option of lesson plan available as a Museum-in-a-Treasure Chest program (provides activities, primary sources and artifacts)
  3. Results:
    • Students will develop a "product"
    • Students will receive a memorable souvenir from the GBPLM
    • Bryan ISD and GBPLM website link to help teachers with lesson plans
    • CD ROM will be made of all of the lesson plans, educational activities, primary source documents, and background information
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